JM4 Tactical Wallet

This afternoon I received via USPS priority mail, my JM4 Tactical Wallet and QCC Holster in basic tan (later review on this holster after usage). This wallet is truly “Made in America.”

At first glance, Had an expectation, this wallet would be smaller and be a lot less stiff than it came to me brand new.   These expectations are just minor and this wallet being of a very high quality Hermann Oak Leather, it will most likely break in with usage.

Here is a picture of this wallet from JM4 Tactical


Looking at stitching, alignment, cut lines and logo, all ascetics are well quality controlled and appreciation has been taken to ensure ascetic beauty is maintained, even though with time, it will age and patina.

unnamed (3)

I do like this leather, but outside pockets with card thumb slots do seem a bit “Thin,” and prone to stretching, as well as interior pockets.  I would be concerned with this leather’s self healing properties after use and age of these pockets.   I would be concerned with carrying items in these pockets while jogging or walking with this wallet retained inside by belt line.  Use this carry option with caution.

I left my tile tracker in place to show a 1/8″ sized item and bulge of this item in this wallet.

unnamed (5)

unnamed (6)


Magnetic retention is very strong.   I would assume this would wreak havoc with any magnetic field sensitive items (automatic watches, compasses, credit cards, cell phones etc). I did have some issues with my wallet slipping, clipped to my pocket, where it wiggled loose and hung from my pocket precariously.

Again, thickness is a minor issue at this point, being this wallet is brand new.

unnamed (4)

In my wallet, is several $1.00 bills (25 to be exact), 2 cards in top and 1 card in bottom thumb pockets and inside my tile tracker as well as 2 more cards.  Not so much bulk introduced by this measly amount of bulk, but without this bulk, this wallet still flairs out. Again and most likely until it is broke in.

Conclusion (12/29/2017): I do like this wallet, but it is still a bit bulky as a normal super high quality wallet would be. I cannot wait until I see this wallet months later and how it evolved after use. Fit and finish is super. I at this point would recommend this wallet, but caveat with noted issues I have mentioned above. 

As I always say, try to buy USA made products when and where it makes sense.  No sense in buying items that say “Made in America, with global materials.”

Wait: Then how can you say “MADE IN AMERICA!!”

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