International Radio Network [and is it HAM Radio?]

I have become an IRN user ever since I heard if it 3 months ago, doing research off and on while looking for an excuse to avoid it.

Me back then: “Its Not HAM RADIO!!”

Me Now: “Ham Radio is what you make of it.


International Radio Network is an internet collection of servers that piggyback off of team speak platform, once and still used by PC/PS4/XBOX gamers to discuss game like activities.  HAM’s re-purposed a very small percentage of this software for their use and it is flourishing!


IRN again uses Team Speak 3. This is a client software available for Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone and Android. Network Radios also run Android and are compatible with IRN network.

Here is a screen shot of Team Speak 3 for Windows.


Voice Quality Report:

In my QSO with Shmuel, KD2KMP, We exchanged information relating to IRN and voice quality via DMR, Analogue FM and via a Network Radio (Sure F25). Here are a few videos detailing voice quality.

My QSO PT 1 –



Sammy’s Video –

Bawfeng and DMR was intelligible but lacked tonality and proper frequency articulation. Directly connected to internet via computer or a network radio, allowed for full tonal clarity and it is amazing, seemingly better than D-STAR or Yeasu System Fusion.

As I continue my venture into IRN, I will post more, for now its an adventure!  I see the flexibility into this system and I am happy to have adopted it in my shack.

To me, yes, it is ham radio!

If you are interested in joining, head on over to IRN and join!

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