Another Project to Muddle

After my successful testing and usage of Eltima’s VCPD software with Win4K3Suite, CWSkimmer and N1MM+, I decided to take a further nosedive into Eltima Software’s additional products they offer.  It appears as though there is a whole array of software that is available.

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Two pieces of software that did peak my interest is Eltima Software’s USB Network Gate and Serial to Ethernet Connector.

Sketch (2)

My idea is to remote connect WSJTX, Fldigi, etc to my rig at home via their software while I am away from my ham shack. I would like to see the waterfall, decode information as well as full control of my rig and have complete remote control.

Just by looking at USB network gate, it may be possible to connect CAT control from my KX3 and my signalink over internet to my surface pro.  Even serial to Ethernet connection seems to share that same design aspect.

I am excited to take this task on and see how this software could benefit our amateur radio community.

Stay tuned to my site for more info!


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