Four State QRP Group: EZ Keyer 3

I was in need of a keyer for one of my IC-735 that did not have a built in Keyer module.  Instead of “Jury-rigging,” one into my rig(hihi), I decided to build a keyer.

My choice was 4SQRP’s EZ Keyer 3 envisioned by AA0ZZ.  This keyer sports a case made of all high quality PCB boards (Soldered together) 3 memories and jacks for your transmitter, paddles and a mute circuit.

Moreover, it’s easy to program in memories. Internal IC’s programming in edit mode takes one character at a time. Then after a second, a beep will sound, then another character can be entered. This allows a CW Operator to not make a mistake and have to enter in their entire CW message again. When in operation mode, this keyer will regurgitate each message at a specific character speed.  No surface mount components in this kit!

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