Hytera PD982G

It’s been my impression that digital voice modes are a “Way of the future,” as Howard Hughs would have said, only quoting his airplane technologies.

For me DMR is gaining headway over other digital voice modes such as System Fusion and D-STAR. Now, I won’t rehash the finer details of DMR to all of you folks, since it has been nausiatingly embellished into various other internet resources.

I can say without a doubt, it has got me hooked!

With that, my most extreme purchase, Hytera PD982G.

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This Hytera model is a part 90 certified, commercial base radio with all of the bells and whistles that come with it. Man Down, GPS, trunking (which us hams don’t use), 2 Tones, a plethora of optional buttons, just to name a few.  What sets this radio outside of some others that are significantly less in cost is licenses for options and it’s inherent compatibility.

Single Frequency Repeater (SFR)

Hytera has built-in SFR into this radio.  With SFR, a user has the ability to turn this radio into a bit of a handheld repeater. Conceptually, this radio would receive a signal on Time Slot 1 and spurt it out on Time Slot 2 on that same frequency. This video gives a good example of how SFR works.

My initial impressions with this function is that it can be useful, but radios that are not Hytera branded would need to be programmed in such a way to receive traffic on time slot 2 and transmit on time slot 1.   Hytera Radios have a Pseudo-Trunk feature that allows them to become promiscuous and only transmit on one time slot designated in it’s codeplug.

Digital Voice Recorder (DVR)

With many Hytera radios and some amateur radios from Japanese big 4 (Kenwood, Icom, Yeasu, Alinco) they have been installing hardware and software to support DVR.  This gives that particular radio an ability to record both sides of a conversation.  A welcome treat to ARES/RACES members and some hams with OCD. I myself love it for public service because there is always something we can reflect back on if race officials need proof, or for training purposes.

Brass Tax: Price and Likability

Price: $1400 with all accouterments.

This whopping price includes:

  • Hytera PD982G (~$700)
  • Wide banding and initial programming (FPP) (~$150)
  • DVR(~$100)
  • SFR(~$100)
  • Lapel Mic(~$120)
  • Extra Battery(~$120)
  • Dock (included)

Yes, it is a lot. But when you are deciding on reliability, flexibility and usability, the price point can be justified with any one individual.

Likability: Yes,

I whole heartily recommend this radio. Even though it is mono-band!.  It is reliable and stout as a commercial radio can be. It definitely has it’s place in Amateur Radio!

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