A Long Time: Perspective Review

Good evening Everyone,

It has been a long time since my last post, but I have been very busy with kids, home updates and learning CW.  On top of that, Summer is around the corner and that includes camping, Cycling and lots of Ham Radio Outings.

Where do I begin.

  • So I finally reached my Cx1 level at SKCC for 16742C.  This took around 3 years to achieve and it was a long time coming.
  • Took the family camping recently and I activated Sampson State Park (Kff-2133).  I got around 49 contacts.  I had a wet log due to a rainstorm, but did my best.
  • Been helping local hams with DSTAR setup and getting them on this awesome digital mode.  I have been running with it for over 2 years and really love the QSO’s I had.
  • Start cycling again with my Salsa Merekesh Touring Bike. What a pleasure it is to ride.  Doing that as much as possible and enjoying every minute of it.
  • Built a ham stick antenna adapter for my Benro tripod base. Works FB! also have an adapter for my Alpha Antenna EZ Military antenna setup for shorter excursions.
  • Been experimenting with a Bug (KN4YB). Very nifty bug and works great.
  • Been helping my wife with her oldest daughter and keeping her quality of life status quo with her condition.  That in it self is a big job.

Other than that, here is a list of reviews I plan on doing.

  • KN4YB Left angle Bug
  • Alinco MD5TGP
  • IC-7610
  • My QRP Kit and KX3/KXPA100 Kits: what I take with me on park activation.
  • “Going back to a Manual Tuner.”
  • Benro antenna
  • QRPoMeter+ form NM0S

Thanks and apologize for the log hiatus.  I will be back for more reviews!



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