Archive: Pellet Stove Woes

Tonight was interesting. I learned alot from working on a pellet stove.  They are similar to a VW powertrain, full of vacuum tubes.

So my wife wanted to turn on our new to us pellet stove.  It started off okay, but then quickly died out.  It did that about 3 times before it peaked my interest.  This was about 22:30 ET.

From there, the investigation began.

I first started doing some research on possible causes for an England’s pellet stove top auger failures. Most pointed to a bad motor or a vacuum leak seal.

After tracing wires and testing 2 motors, by swapping power control wires between them, I verified that both motors were working.

It had to be a vacuum leak.  I started to pull and twist hoses until I found one that just fell off.

Who would have thought that a simple pellet stove would have a vacuum system like a VW or an Audi?

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