Apple iPadOS Integration – Ham Radio Compliant

While commuting to some FT8 Transmissions this fine Sunday morning,  I had imagined my usage of iOS in Ham Radio.  My last stint with my first iPad was not very good.  Since Apple committed themselves to implicit hardware obsolescence through deliberate software lagging, and disablement of features, I tended to look the other way and use a refurbished Microsoft Surface.

That worked well until the wife wanted it!

After some time Apple’s hardware and software got much better and seemed usable.  I know Apple’s target audience is not ham radio related, and Android seems to be a better platform, but at heart, I’m still an “Apple Fanboy.”

“Taking Bite Size Chunks…”

Choosing an iPad again for ham radio use is a somewhat worthwhile option.

Power options are pretty good on any portable device since they only require 5V 2.1A to kick off an acceptable charging cycle while in use.  My well adapted 21,000mAh solar charging brick can handle that alone and has those necessary inputs for compatibility.

Portability of such a device is paramount in mostly any ham radio operation, Whether it is SOTA, Field Day, a weekend getaway, camping etc. Its necessary for something to fit a niche for that event and not every case.   An iPad fits that bill nicely since it is small enough and skinny to fit into a backpack sleeve.

Damage susceptibility is pretty high in a top shelf device of this nature.  A new iPad Air 3 with a 10.5 inch screen has some pretty big real estate to sport.  Most definitely a case is needed. I opted for a Logitech Slim Combo case that utilizes a keyboard ad one part of the cover and a back plastic cover for rear protection.  Its pretty flimsy protection, but a fleece sleeve helps with that protection.  As this device matures, i’m sure there will be other protection options available.

With that alone,  what will I use this piece of technology for? Not biting off more than I can chew and expect such a device to perform admirably in all cases,  for now my iPad Air 3 is promoted to logging.  Along with my Yeasu FT891 I believe it will pair very well.

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