An Every Day Carry Living Primer

[Being a living primer, this will constantly be updated with different thoughts.  Most recent update is on 12/22/2019 12/24/2019 02/07/2020]

Back several years ago, I was left with my pants down in a situation (not literally) with no tools or anything in particular to get my self out of a jam, when that need arose.  Thankfully it was not a car accident going to my collegiate studies or place of employment.  It was a small enough incident that bothers me to this very day. Still I cringe when I didn’t have the tools needed to complete that job.

This more or less resonates with some of my readers out in WWW world.  We have all been there and got caught with out pants down.  So, by the words of my illustrious Elmer, “Throw money at the problem, it goes away.”  Here comes the EveryDayCarry (AKA EDC).

After years of monitoring and analyzing other folks via, personal relationships, YouTube videos, blog articles, I see such a fassad of EDC that it grew to “Let’s carry every god damn thing in my house!”  Several schmucks can do that if they wish.  I don’t wish my pants literally dropping and mooning everyone around me! That is why I have developed this primer.  A culmination of years analysis and tearing back that shiny gloss to expose a synaptic truth on EDC.

It really is not that complicated.  It is what it is suppose to be,  not what people force it to be.

Every Day Carry:  What do I “Actually,” need to take with me?

First, understand this:

“It’s not what you take when you leave this world behind you, It’s what you leave behind you when you go.”  

In the words of County Music Singer Randy Travis, It doesn’t matter what the hell you take with you.  What matters is your self and your legacy.  We can go at any time and no amount of “Shit,” is going to help us overcome that.  I surely don’t what to be remembered for carrying senseless shit in my pockets! It’s much deeper than that I do understand, so ponder that and develop your own interpretation.  (I may even change mine later!)

With that understanding, lets forget about all of the designer garbage look allikes that is out there. When it really matters, its people that have some hair-brained scheme to make money on the same design that they think an original design lacks. Knives, flashlights etc are in droves and are different in every way.  They still achieve a singular purpose in which they were originally based off of.  Their intended task. Multi-tools – be damned!  You can go to Walmart and get that same flashlight or knife for much cheaper (now adays Amazon) than buying a boutique item.

Lets start with the basics:

  • What if I need to cut something?: A knife
  • What if I need to light my path?: A flashlight or fire
  • What if I need to tell the time?: A watch or pocket watch
  • What if I need to make a call?: A pay phone (cellular based phone these days)
  • What if it is too bright out side?: Sunglasses
  • I have too much crap in my pockets jingling around!: a storage device (wallet, purse, murse, sack etc)
  • What If I get a headache or get sick?: Appropriate medications in a cobalt blue (resists oxidation) capsule
  • What if I need to take a drink?: Bring a sandwich bag, Flask, Water jug.

This to me is what is minimally needed in anything that is considered everyday carry. It does not have an intended purpose, but only as a need arises, they can also serve as other tasks as well (amid, not very efficient).  Based off of that items an be added or removed by simply asking a question.  This helps to stay focused and not carry unnecessary shit.

  • What if I need to go to the doctor’s office?: Get your insurance cards and take them with you.  Put them back in your Vital Items Bin (VIB).
  • What if I need to protect myself?: First, check your local laws before getting into that situation. Next act accordingly.  We should never take a life, but what we should do is defend our possessions and lives of others from various acts of malicious behavior. Any item above can be used as an implement for defense.
  • What If I need a utensil to eat something?: Being very careful your knife can act as a fork and a cutting implement. Use your damn fingers!

The rationale goes on and on.  Anything can be doubled over for use or if exercised correctly. There are many different ways to overcome a situation.  Remember above how I damned multi-tools (what we perceive as multi-tools)?  We carry them every day so why do we need a boutique gadget that has more crap on it and smaller (harder) to use? For convenience or to spend money?

The typical rationale: A police officer

A police officer carries a duty belt loaded to the hilt with all kinds of gear. It’s all easily accessible and no one would dare think to take any of it. Look at what they typically carry on them an analyze the situations they are prepared to face.  Also look at the weight and mobility aspect.  Typically things are not jingling about. Use your judgement and take this rationale and draw your own conclusions.  Think like an officer!

Can you name what you carry?

Typically what I have been doing in a new Every Day Carry lineup is get in the habit of remembering that I am carrying and being able to identify them from memory.  This allows me to identify where that item is on my person, bag or in my home quite easily.  If I cannot remember what I have on my person, then it is most likely never going to get used or it is useless.  I challenge everyone who is reading this to try and name what you are carrying.  If you can’t, rethink your Every Day Carry.

Identify the things that provide an irritation.

What irritates humans more is the fear of change, comfort and irregularity.  Not having met those three criteria can make for a somewhat chaotic situation. By identifying what is an overall irritation and providing discomfort, we are able to remedy that situation quite easily.

I have one currently.  It’s was my go-to EDC flashlight: a Malcolff MD2 with a M60 head.  The reason I have this irritation is that it is quite bulky in the pocket sporting a large 18650 cell.  After doing some research, I will be opting for a 1 cell AAA type flashlight.  My situational needs have changed and I also don’t need a ~200 lumen light.  Due to driver designs and technology, 1/2 of that power sufficient and batteries are a plenty at this moment. I can always swap in my trusty MD2 M60 at any time. I now carry a County Comm TPF (Tactical Personal Flood). 

Taking that as an example, tailor your EDC appropriately by use it daily (ITS CALLED TRAINING!)

Important aspects to mention

There are several aspects to mention here that are necessary to justify.

Carrying a firearm?: For those of us who are privileged, do you really need to carry a firearm around with you? Is a life taking tool really needed in an EDC?  Are you fearing for your life just going to a grocery store?  This question requires deep thought and understanding of several aspects that are too lengthy. Before you pack away that Glock or Sig, ask yourself “Do I really need this today?” Forget those Smucks and idiots that are on YouTube trying to influence everyone to pack 2 1911’s into their pants in level 1 (or zero posture). Don’t have an agenda like the others out there have.  Before you criticize, I am a Pro 2nd Amendment US Citizen with objective views, not views that are clouded by stupidity.

Where are you going to carry your EDC?:  Is it allowed? Is it prohibited? Is it commonplace or is it risqué?

Will you share your loadout? : Simply put, No.  The reason why is to not promote criticism for what I should be doing or shouldn’t. It keeps the idiots at bay while promoting what I would like to convey in this primer. A use of a human imagination and decision making.



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