Integrated Linux Computer for Amateur Radio Use



Aside from my lengthy title for this post,  I wanted to demonstrait my success with a Raspbian based PC connected to my home internet to run a Yeasu FT891 and signalink.

This small endeavor was brought about due to my eagerness to get a small computer up and running for winter field day, in some capacity to run digital modes (FLDigi, WXFAX etc. ).  At the time of this writing, WSJTX like some other outlaw modes are not allowed to be scored during winter field day. To me, It doesn’t matter since in my mind I am practicing for ARRL field day for our club W2AE.

After struggling for a few days,  Something presentable was successfully created and working.


What you will see below is a Raspberry Pi 3B+ running Raspbian Buster into a signalink with full cat control.  Cables are a bit long, but will be shortened up eventually.  This working proof of concept illustrates that semi-remote operation can be done given patience and knowledge combined. This picture below shows a live contact using FT8.


There is some work that clearly still needs to be done to this setup.  For starters changing the SSH keys is a must so not to have keys similar to other installations.  Further, I would like to get AP (access point) mode setup with this unit. This will allow me to connect directly to my device without having to deal with a wireless router and another headache component in this mashup. This proof of concept system will most likely be taken down after initial use to repurpose this hardware.  I have a Raspberry Pi 4 coming with more RAM to support a better operating system. I’m hoping the SD card I am using now will be useful in this new hardware.

Several cons can be administered with this system, those I don’t need to illustrate here, but for the time being, What I will need to cover is a fall back should AP mode or wireless mode quit working.  Here is that next option.


With this device,  I can physically control and power a RPI4 without having to deal with Any wireless modes.  This is one avenue I am considering in January 2020.

More pictures (some of my settings)






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