Analysis of “The Principle of Cause and Effect” — The Kybalion

In my spiritual practices I have come to find a book I can have a relationship with and learn from. That book introduced to me from my spiritual teacher MPH, had so far 2 concepts that have resonated with me.  This next concept is Kybalion’s “Priniciple of Cause and Effect.”

“Every Cause has its Effect; every Effect has its Cause; everything happens according to Law; Chance is but a name for Law not recognized; there are many planes of causation, but nothing escapes the Law.” — The Kybalion

The book gives a brief and concise analysis of what Cause and Effect is according to some instinctive Law.  My own interpretation is to follow:

  • Cause is inversely proportional to an Effect(s) that manifest from a singular or multiple causes. There can be a one-to-one or a one-to-many relationship between these to conceptual ideologies, but it always follows a strict moral compass. Nothing sways from that. So, for every action, there is an equal but positive (or negative) reaction?
  • Lets postulate Chance, What is chance? How is chance associated with a reality where Cause and Effect is governed by an implicit Law? Chance for me governs both Cause and Effect A simple Chance can create a Cause which than lead to an Effect.  Through an opaque set of glasses, Chance can also lead directly to an effect with a convenient and unknown cause. Can a Chance be manufactured directly from a Cause? How about an Effect? Consider these Algorithms:

1>  Chance + Cause = Effect (in 80% of cases)

2> Chance + Effect= Cause?

3> Chance = Cause + Effect?

4> Chance = Cause = Effect?

IF Chance Then Cause ELSE Effect? (Sorry Programmers Habit!)

  • What is this implicit Law that is spoken about in the Kybalion text? Does it postulate that Law is not a structure of governing laws, written on stone or parchment? Does it postulate some Law, man or woman, has yet to understand but encounter it every day in a world full of Cause and Effect?

Chance is but a name for Law not recognized; there are many planes of causation, but nothing escapes the Law.”

  • How come Chance gets a free ride that Law cannot recognize? Chance in it of it self is a decision making platform that lacks the fundamental purpose of being controlled by undo influences, just inherent to itself. However, conceptualize the addition of human intuition, stupidity (see below before you get your nickers in a twist) and moral aptitude, now there is a completely different spin on Chance.  Lets take Chance all by it self and attempt to match it with Law.  Since Law can be a governing body or a scripture binding an a Cause and Effect reality together, how come can Law, in it of it self, can’t figure out what it is doing or thinking? What does Chance have that Law does not? I bet a betting man that Chance, just by it self is ever illusive to Law because Chance is actually “Missing,” something.  Chance lacks that human idiosyncrasy of stupidity that makes Chance traceable by Law.  Air-go Chance is now a mortal being other than an omnipotent soul?
    • Don’t think of stupidity as a condescending word, I am not using it in that context. Stupidity is characterized as a human benefactor emotion, everyone has while making decisions.  Its a choice that we either don’t consider, is incorrect or in some cases correct. It is the part of us that says “That was a stupid decision,” after an Effect has been already carried out or ” That would be a stupid decision,” Before a Cause can be postulated, before an Effect can be laden into the either. Stupidity simply is injected into Chance to give it that morality factor attuned to human behavior.
  • As for the planes of causation, that is where the stupidity factor comes into play, we live for that matter, on several different planes on a timeline to “Death.” Our “Life Timeline,” is a double terminated endpoint line with several different causalities. In mortal timelines. The starting point of this timeline is “Birth.”  Who says it is really doubly terminated? Buddhism has the belief structure that we are reincarnated. How would reincarnation play into a life timeline? Does it give someone several attempts at another life to experience different planes of causation? Binding the human behavior to planes of causation gives trace-ability to Law since HUMANS FOLLOW SOME SORT OF LAW! Implicit, strict (gov’t) ethically or morally!


Lets have fun with this!!


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