Analysis of The Principle of Vibration — Kybalion (02/08/2020)

“Nothing rests; everything moves; everything vibrates.” — The Kybalion

I dare anyone to challenge me on this notion. 

What does not vibrate to this day: ” The things us humans and beings don’t interact with or don’t experience for ones self.”

In essence a more palatable approach would be:

“If a tree in a forest falls with no one around, how does anyone know it fell?”

Addendum: What about Air?

What is air exactly? We don’t breathe air, we breathe the organics and compounds in the air that provides us with that vitality in which keeps our blood oxygenated. So what is it exactly?

Sticking to the terms of vibration, does air vibrate or do we, as humans, make air vibrate? Lets explore this.

Taking air as a known substance (leaving out the conceptual “Ether,”) air itself may have it’s own frequency. however measurement of that frequency of air is next to impossible given that our own earth is spinning and generating its own frequency. The problem is with scientific prospects in place, humans can influence air to resonate at any frequency they want, just by simply spitting in the air! The issue is how long does air resonate at that influential frequency? Take this for example say you yell in the air or chant some mantra on a mountain peak, chances are someone is going to hear your and get very irritated or quite cross with you after hours! Your influencial frequency of sound (traveling at the speed of sound) resonates for a distance. People hear you.  So what is the effect when you increase the gain?

Gain (taken from my electrical engineering / ham background) is the increase in power or amplitude of a signal. We as humans have a great sound device in our physical bodies. it however has a limit. Adding a megaphone or a PA system increases the gain of a signal and thus can be heard for longer distances.  The amplitude of the signal is much more intense at the focal point and tapers off exponentially as that distance increases. We can get into receiver theory and circuitry, but that is for a different post.  My point here is that an influence upon air has a predetermined time limit that relates to distance.  Does this mean air has a sort of viscosity?

Now, Here is another example, Go to a Guitar Center and walk into the drum section.  Take any drum in a certain key and beat on it for a bit.  Listen for other drums in the room to echo that frequency. This is where resonance comes from.  Beat on a drum with the key of G and listen to all of the other drums in the room resonate at the same frequency! Here is a video on the guitar using microtonals. Same concept.

So, Can we really measure air’s natural frequency? That is a discussion for us in person. I will give you a hint.  It is in this video!

Addendum: Fundamental frequency and Harmonics.

Several RF (Radio Frequency), Electrical, and Amateur Radio enthusiasts understand the properties of a fundamental and harmonics in spectrum of frequencies.

I won’t need to go into the absurd definition of a fundamental ,since it is documented here very well. Here is the definition of a harmonic. I suggest you brush up on the basics before proceeding.

With those understandings laden in our minds, I wanted to discuss a premise that may be enticing to some. Finding the fundamental frequency of the earth.  this in it of itself is a very interesting premise since we are all apart of the earth in some way or form, Right? How about a stone? Water? Dirt? Since we are all apart of the grander design, then we can postulate that we are a Harmonic!

Being a harmonic can lead us to find our frequency and then negate it by forcing an inverse of that frequency in synchronous.  This will cancel out that frequency and thus eliminate it from any equation. See Ron Kurtis’s post about noise cancellation for more info on how it works. 

By canceling out all known frequencies we are then left with one final harmonic, possibly.  What I am postulating is that the universe (what we preconceive as the universe) is resonating at a frequency and the Earth plus other planets are resonating at a harmonic as their own fundamental. by going through this process we can eventually come to a frequency of our universe!

The problem I have not figured out is how to measure a person’s natural frequency.  Electrically it is possible since we all have some residual µA and µV flowing around in our body, that can be measured by an oscilloscope.  What I postulate measuring is vibratory frequency.  Since we can intonation any sound with our vocal chords, we can change in some respect the fundamental frequency by injecting a tone over it.  This influences that fundamental and can cause dis-array in our bodies.  There is another concept that if injecting a frequency it simply does nothing? I am sure it does something, but also what we intonation from our vocal chords may even be a harmonic.

Test: Download a frequency generator app on a computer or smart device and plug it into a large powered speaker with a wide frequency range. Now, sit in front of the speaker and start low in the spectrum of sound and raise it higher.  Record your feelings and try to achieve a balance of normalcy. That may very well be your own harmonic or fundamental!

More to come!

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