An Analysis of “The Principle of Mentalism” — The Kybalion

“THE ALL IS MIND The Universe is Mental” — The Kybalion

What really is the mind? What is the universe in terms of how we understand it?

Lets first analyze the mind and come to a self-determining agreement of what that is (that means fulfill a self contemplation within my own writing to understand).

The Mind in several different religions, spiritual followings and within an everyday meat sack will have different meanings to them. They all, however, carry the same prospective. It is a governing vessel to hold something of a higher power.  What technically is a higher power? Does that higher power exist in all of us? In part or by proxy. If a higher power existed in all of us, what would we would call ourselves as humans?  Would we classify ourselves as just vessels that can be switched off and re-purposed when that vessel’s live ends? I can safely say that we are not a higher power in our own vessels.  Too many contradictory statements out in our world that would support my conclusion. We fight with one another, persecute and enslave one another throughout the years.

So then, are we in part or by proxy a higher power? by Part are we a piece of a higher power that was anointed onto a vessel of physical form for which that higher power grows and solves tests of it’s own doing and doings of other parts of other vessels? do we grow as individuals in the physical form or do we grow spiritually and that makes our vessel bigger? If you think about it, if we are a part of a higher being then we would effectively turn into a higher being when our spirituality matures. We would all ascend and become one.  But that does not fit either.

In part does not fit for that very same reason.  We are too combative with other parts cocooned within vessels to even attain a higher understanding of self. Now, I am not talking about me, you or a few select people, I’m talking about everyone! its the same answer as above. do higher powers fight with one another?

That leaves only by proxy.

By a proxy as we are granted the ability to become someone or something that has the power of a higher being and are directly tied to it.  We are in of it self tested throughout our youth, maturity and “Wisdomatic,” old age to become something we are allowed to become. Think of it like a chalk board.  A chalkboard starts out very clean and black from birth. No Chalk.  Next, as we go through life, that chalk board begins to fill up, It gets dusty and starts to take on something more than a clean slate.  It eventually gets so full that it becomes white with what we have learned as beings. How then do we get back to Black? That is where spirituality comes into play.  We study where our path takes us. We meet people through acts of kindness and wisdom to guide us on a path to salvation. What if we as vessels do harm? I postulate that chalk board looses a piece of it self and begins to crumble. For people who are really bad, their blackboard is so small that they cannot learn and have no room to grow.  They need to do good in order for that chalkboard to grow again and become what it once was, but it will never become that way even though it is rebuilt and will show signs of degradation.  I wonder what a truly spiritual person’s chalkboard would look like?

By proxy then seems to fit the bill for now.  I then postulate that if we are given the possibility of achieving more spiritually than what we were ever before when we first started, we all should be aiming for a returning to a clean slate!

So then we as spiritual beings live in the mind, inside of our organic vessels and are learning on this astral plane for ascendance to something greater?

Lets now examine the ALL in correlation with the mind. What is the ALL Exactly? Can we come close to something that derives the ALL… OR IS THE ALL A MANIFESTATION of our spiritual-selves? If the ALL is just a manufactured descendant degradation of our linkage to what we perceive as the universe then the mind is merely another shell that contains our proxy to a higher power. The ALL in that case allows us to manifest anything we want in our mind for use in our spiritual, astral or physical planes. However, if we cannot manifest anything in physical planes of existence, is that ability blocked? Do we have to reach a higher level on planes of spirituality to have that ability? Could it be blocked since a higher power feared it would be too dangerous for use in a physical plane?

I postulate that the ALL is an external orifice in our mind that allows our spiritual self to interact with and manifest ideals and tools for understanding. we use the ALL to create worlds in our own minds to interact with; our ability to imagine anything is contained with in the mind and through the ALL we achieve enlightenment!

This creates the UNIVERSE and the statement, “THE UNIVERSE IS MENTAL,” which points to that our universe we use in our mind allows us infinite possibilities. We must grow that universe and focus on it solely as it matters more than our own vessels. Our vessels also matter as that houses our ability to learn and communicate with other vessels.

However, does the spiritual side of us lack the ability to communicate? Why do you think spirits can’t directly communicate with vessels on the physical plane? do they lack the mind?

That is for you to decide…

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