An analysis of duality; Mental Gender. — the Kybalion

Last Updated: 02/12/2020

“The student of the Hermetic Philosophy tempted smile when he reads and hears ‘New theories,’ regarding the duality of mind, each school adhering tenaciously to its own pet theories and each claiming to have ‘discovered the truth’…”

I decided to read the second to last chapter of the Kybalion this evening to get some sort of grasp on mental genders and duality. The very first few paragraphs struck me hard and my teacher resonated with the above.  Makes common sense.

What I will do this evening is provide an analysis of Mental Gender in my own terms.

“The Masculine Principle of mind corresponds to the so-called Objective Mind; Conscious Mind;  Voluntary Mind; Active Mind Etc.”

“The Feminine Principle of Mind corresponds to the so-called Subjective Mind; Sub-conscious Mind; Involuntary Mind; Passive Mind, Etc.”

These 2 excerpts from The Kybalion were very prominent in my readings as it defines the basis for Mental Gendership.  Having an understanding of this bases allows one to see the 2 half-inner workings of the Mind and how it relates to the ALL. This does not indicate that physical gender is at play, but that we are of a “half-breed,” of sorts in our own minds that allows us to act as 2 genders to balance power and utilize specialties of both Mental Genders for goals on various planes. Could one postulate that we as all spiritual beings are not of 2 genders, but are essentially one gender excluding physical plane meaning of Sexuality? Our Physical Plane Genders have nuances that make us who we really are, but in our Mind, what are we really?

“The Hermetic Teachers impart their instruction regarding this subject by bidding their students examine the report of their consciousness regarding their Self. The students are bidden to turn their attention inward upon the Self dwelling within each.  Each student is led to see that his consciousness gives him first a report of the existence of his Self- the report is ‘I Am.'”

Here we deduce that teachers of hermetic ways are within their own boundaries to experience and postulate gender duality within Minds Eye.  First had evidence that students relate to themselves as “I am,” rather than “What Am I,” or “Who am I.”

Finding a students inner self supports a fact that “I am,” is a gender within itself that is neither male or female in some way shape or form but rather indicates uniqueness.  How can this be? If the Kybalion postulates that we have duality, then how can a student simply refer to themselves as “I Am?”

I resonate with the following description that not just an “I,” exist but a “Me.” A characterization of these “Mental Twins.” Kybalion texts provide a clear differentiation between this shows that a person who in this manner identifies as “Me,” has different character traits as emotion and quick feeling changes.  According to the texts, Polarity and Rhythm principles apply and can bounce people in this manner like a rubber ball. Can we postulate that a Me is the Feminine or Masculine self? How can that sense of Me be understood when we think of the gender as something else entirely?

So what about the I in a person, What does that really point to? Would the I in a person be the aspect of the self in physical form and the Me as a Mental aspiration?  Look at it this way:

“I think, therefore I am?”

“I came, I saw, I conquered?”

How do some of these famous quotes fit into the perspective of I and Me referenced in the Kybalion?

The Kybalion goes into further discussion on page 60 about the I and Me being tied to Masculine and Feminine as a Mental Gender. Think of it this way as a decoupling how do you think these 4 concepts come together?

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