Sometimes it is worth just taking a break

“When we see others suffer, some individuals want to help out immediately without ever knowing the fate of those who need helping, damning themselves to that very same fate.”


It took me 35 years of my existence on this plane to realize that things, no matter how insignificant or valuable, don’t happen in a blink of an eye.  “Things,” is a loose connotation to that which is unrealized, auspicious and incorporeal in nature in which we cannot fathom.  What is that in which we cannot fathom? Lets start with the future.

  • Do we know what will happen tomorrow? No.
  • Can we plan on what we will do tomorrow? Yes. Can those plans be derailed entirely or partially? Yes. Then do re really have a plan? No.
  • Are we able to understand our intent to do something, why we do it, and our desire for success? Not really.

Some may argue that last bullet depending on how “Lay,” you are in terms of this life.  Most (98%) of us don’t remember our past lives, nor what we had for dinner (lunch in American) yesterday. Why is it, what we do, influences us so much? how do we manifest these ideas of intent and act upon them so desperately they consume us like a compulsive buyer with buyer’s remorse? One could assume it is a will of a higher power, a calling or the almighty them-self while others may think they are psychotic. What it amounts to is really what we cannot fathom since on this existence most of us “don’t know what we don’t know.” If we really wanted to know, don’t you think there would be some golden path of least resistance that will allow us to dive deep into the depths of our consciousness and grasp that inner treasure we call out inner self? We see this in terms of degrees within our own physiological profile, where we can justify what is our perspective of our ego.

Now that can be good or bad. Depending on how crazy we think that is to fathom.

Where I am going with this is this simple concept “Sometimes it is worth just taking a break…”

What do I mean by this?

First, sit down (or stand if you have a bad back) and shut the hell up.  Not your mouth but your mind.

Don’t speak, just listen with your mind…

What do you hear? …. …. …

CHATTER, Babbling, your mind racing NASCAR like Will Ferrall on Talladega Nights!

It is ridiculous how polluted society’s mind has become with our daily 18 hours awake. Work / life balance so called is rattled with objectives, demands, expectations, irritations, and obligations no wonder why we all suffer from “diarrhea of the mouth and constipation of the brain.” How can anyone comprehend anything with a constant chatter in their heads.  A mere percentage has the mental clarity of a newborn and can run circles around anyone in terms of mental capacity, thought power and clarity. They themselves seek truth and may achieve it one day. Better than those bound to this plane of virtual existence.

Ever take a week long vacation? Do you plan to go out of town? Where about?

Take a step back and see how rabid your mind gets when trying to plan that out. Mental exhaustion ensues about 4 hours in trying to cram a weeks worth of thought planning into that amount of time. Why is that? Are we as beings prone to such disaster? This is what society does to one another.  Who says we are not related to borg?

borg ship.jpg

Don’t you wish that you could sit back and really enjoy what we call life in this existence? really sit and smell the roses? actually go to church or your religious preference of worship and focus on worship instead of worrying about your front door and if it is locked?

It all starts with silence… “Sometimes it is worth just taking a break…”

Why do trees really snap?

Taking a break from reality doesn’t mean running away like a teenager from home. What it could mean to a lot of people is completely different in many ways. In a general sense, “break away from what we call normalcy and instill a new normalcy that defies what normalcy really is.”

What is normalcy? “We don’t know what we don’t know.”  We as beings can only quantify what our mind allows us to term normal based on experiences.  Only a few of us can achieve that higher state of a passive normal versus a reactive normal.

If you got this far and your mind is blown, you are probably not ready for more.  May as well stop and digest this small section. 

Where do we start?

Easy to say, harder to answer.  Not everyone is the same and similarities are just similar but different in some ways.  If we were all exactly clones, then this would all be easier.

We can only assume that everything in existence has to start with a breath. Whether it be a spark of intense heat from a collision of magnesium and flint to an inhalation of nitrogen and exhalation of carbon dioxide. Taking that first step fosters an initiate of clarity only momentary, but enough to start something greater. What intent decides that moment of breath should exist? Who decides on that intent?

That I leave for you to figure out.

If we can figure out that intent and imagination 🤔 are a duality existing incorporeal then what does that say about ourselves? Are we incorporeal?

That is another avenue for you to figure out.

So, can we then possibly state that taking a break doesn’t really mean to sit on your ass, in front of the TV.  It doesn’t mean to take a family vacation.  Can we assume it means to examine the why of existence and why beings are who they think they are? Why and who controls these beings? Who foster’s intent and drives us to success or insanity? Finding a new normal that brings us closer to a balance of harmony?


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