Havis Console Adaptation into Dodge RAM 2500

Thinking of a time that I really wanted to get some sort of next level experience from my 3/4 Ton towing truck, this time (as of august 2022) came to me at a surprise as “This was my right time to adapt.” It was from that moment on, I decided to get my 3/4 ton truck roof drilled for 4 antenna spots with NMO mounts affixed. This proved to be a slight cost but one true to it’s predominant signal performance gain for mobile operations.

I planned on only using 2 spots and saving those other few for possibility of running peripheral components. Having 4 antennas in a square also allows me to run a Doppler Signal Direction Finding receiver in my vehicle should I choose to do so. This antenna configuration allows me so much flexibility and redundancy to my field kit, I have options should they need to be entertained.

<Add Picture to top of vehicle>

Inside my truck, I managed to remove my center front jump seat with top back rest compartment. This did prove useful at some point of my life, but to physically mount a few radio’s in my vehicle, this proved to be a worthy trade off for functionality. Removing this seat was a difficult task that required some minor acrobatics in my back seat, removing 2 buried bolts in my truck’s center cab hump. 2 more bolts I had to remove in the jump seat because security bolts were utilized to affix seatbelt and passenger side seat mounts to cab hump.

After center jump seat was removed, I decided to reuse jump seat brackets since they just so conveniently ended up being level and allow Havis Track Plate to be entirely able to affix using some extra pieces of Aluminum bar stock (1/8″ x 2″) both of these plates bolted up into this track plate with small bolts centered within the track plate. An interesting mounting concept. After affixing track plate to these makeshift bar stock rails, Havis Center Console could be mounted and adjusted.

<insert side picture of mount>

<Insert top picture of mount>

Afterwards, rerunning electrical and RF cabling to inside of this console was a challenge. GPS antenna also had to be run to top of truck’s dash for optimal coverage of sky for Anytone 578UV. Final radio installation had to be also makeshift with same aluminum bar stock for radio mounts bent at a 90 degree angle at certain widths and trimmed to fit each radio.

<insert final picture of mounted radios>

I learned a lot about this build. Key takeaways are mounting and adapting a Havis mount for a Ford Torus into a Dodge. That mounting solution actually worked quite well after some bending and manipulating. Other key take aways was rear jump seat heating/cooling ducting. I purposefully left that disabled due to kids constantly turning it off because of overheating or overcooling in during applicable seasons. This was my best option. There are still some other items of concern to take care of before winter comes, but minor in application.

I am happy with this utilitarian build.

Honorable Mentions:

Havis Console, Rails, mounts etc – Bush Electronics

Anyone 578UV / President Ronald CB – Idea from Amir (K9CHP) / Larry KD2MTG / Stu (KC2KJO)

Wire routing and pull through – Steve (KD2ETP)

Antenna mounting – Amir (K9CHP)

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