Getting out of a Broken Home

There has been times where your loved ones often abandon their own morals and ethics to become a visceral bag of meat who use their other loved ones as their life support in this very existence. We see this, day in and out, freshly married couples, married veterans (not veterans of armed forces, but veterans of marriage) often play a facade of a virtual and virtuous coupling for all to watch as though it was a play, only to later revert their stage play to retire in their homes to become their actual selves. There is rarely an American family that actually plays their actual lives for all to see. These families who show their positivity, honest to goodness heart felt coupling, and family integrity are true nature of what American families should follow. Those 2% of people, leaves 98% of families that live in that facade I have spoke about earlier. This leads to a broken home where eventually something happens and commanding that broken home to make it better is realized.

What makes a broken home?

A broken home is one that I home no one falls into. We see a broken home as one that can happen over time, slowly and eating away at that most desirable positivity that every American family yearns for. This broken home situation can also happen very quickly as well, but rarely, as this rarity can be recognized as a significant life change and acted upon before it turns into a royal mess. A family death (pets or humans), financial trouble etc is characterized as a significant event that can lead to a broken home. What about those slow situations that lead to a broken home? Well that is kind of that same circumstance. Let’s say for example a family is diagnosed with a terminal illness that is a main breadwinner for their family. As they age, get sicker etc, they lead families into emotional and social turmoil where “things just fall apart,” leading to that broken home scenario. Infidelity, drugs, and egoistic behaviors are a result of this turmoil. It all leads to a low point where that sick person can realize what their home turned into. They can often pass before they have time to instill change in their family. That broken home has been born. Just about any example that a person can come up with can lead to a broken home.

What happens when you realize you are in a broken home?

Realization is a powerful emotional state of mind. I often sit and contemplate on how and why we “Realize,” something and that awe inspiring moment where it instills in me that a problem exists and it is now known. What often comes later is how to solve it. This happens to me quickly enough to instill fear and anxiety to scare me into a state of change. Lets switch back to this topic of my writing this post, a broken home, now that we know what realization can be in one example. When you are in a broken home, and know it, you want to fix it. It can come as I have stated, like a positive awe inspiring moment, as a sad, stressful situation that makes you cry, or even just walking on a trail. When it gets that your realization breaks you from your stress of a broken home, you feel freedom and resolve. That point you know a broken home exists. Now, don’t run to that bottle or drug use because of that sad feeling or happy feeling. Sit with it and allow it to fester and resolve on its own. it often will lead to greater things.

How can one fix a broken home?

A broken home can be very difficult to fix. Depending on degrees of “brokenness,” depends on how deep everyone is despondent to one another and filled with negativity and hatred for their family and suffering. It all starts with discussions with everyone in that family, showing them what they were all before and what they are now. Stressing that their situation needs to be solved for everyone’s greater good. Setting small goals is a great idea to start out with and emphasize those goal successes as a positive step towards enrichment and achieving stability. This can take years and there will be points of regression at every case. It is important to document successes and failures for everyone’s benefit. Be a successful leader and not one that is a dictator.

Final Thoughts: “Baby Steps…”

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